AFES is now located at 712 3rd street N.W. Fort Dodge Iowa 50501.

What is Athletics For Education and Success? 
We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that strives to help the youth and families of Fort Dodge and Webster County by providing hope and motivation for them.
We aim to do this by any means necessary, giving the youth and parents the power to decide what they need, want, and what may help them be successful.
We offer our youth after-school programs, sports teams, mentoring groups, drum line groups, educational & cultural opportunities, and much more.
In addition to providing exceptional programming, we provide our youth with a sense of belonging and the determination to succeed.

Having Fun is Only Part of the Game
Here at Athletics For Education and Success (AFES) we know that having fun is only part of the game. That's why we build-in an educational, ethical, and motivational component into all of our programming.
We teach our kids to be leaders on and off the field, while stressing the importance of education and living a positive lifestyle.  

Making a Difference!
We're proud to be a part of this great community and we're especially proud to provide our services to the people and families that we serve. As we continue to grow and evolve with our local community, we pledge our commitment to providing hope and motivation for our youth by any means necessary!

Be sure to visit our website often for the latest news and information on AFES happenings!